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Fall asleep like a warm cat

How to Go Back to Sleep

Published 12 February, 2010 | Sleep Problems

Deep sleep is something we all need for physical and mental health. Here I want to discuss specific ideas to help you drift back off to sleep after night time awakening.

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Cleaning Table

How to Stop Obsessive Cleaning

Published 08 February, 2010 | Obsessive / Compulsive?

A woman joked to me once that she wished her husband could develop an addictive fascination with tidying! Could I, she wondered, help implant a "mania for cleanliness" in her husband using the dark arts of hypnosis?

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Blood pressure

How to Reduce High Blood Pressure Naturally

Published 03 February, 2010 | Health Tips

Elaine was well into her seventies when she came to see me, hoping that hypnosis could help her reduce her high blood pressure naturally and avoid the need for drugs. I asked her about her lifestyle and found that she had done - and was doing - all the things you too should do to naturally lower blood pressure.

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Test nerves spoil exam performance

Overcome Exam and Test Nerves

Published 29 January, 2010 | Overcoming Fears

Once, a beautiful princess sat by an ornate pool in her palace grounds. As she peered down, admiring her beautiful reflection in the surface of the clear pool, her priceless crown suddenly slipped from her head and into the waters with a splash.

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Fear of the dark

Overcome Fear of the Dark

Published 27 January, 2010 | Overcoming Fears

"It's 'nyctophobia'. I feel embarrassed to admit it! I'm twenty-eight. It's normally kids that have it. I manage eight people at work. I shouldn't have this phobia, but I have. Can you help me?"

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