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Clear a break in those moody clouds

How to Improve Your Mood

Published 23 August, 2010 | Stress Reduction

Chronic moodiness can be a symptom of prolonged stress (in which case dealing with the stress should make you less moody), and blood sugar imbalance or hormonal fluctuations can also affect mood. But it's also true to say that moodiness can become a way of life, a habit. And whatever the cause of our moodiness, we can all get better at managing our emotions.

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Take the leap!

Overcome Fear of Failure

Published 16 August, 2010 | Overcoming Fears

Fear of failure is closely linked to fear of rejection and criticism from others, as well as to procrastination and excuse making. You can always create an excuse not to do anything, no matter how potentially valuable and rewarding. It's just whether you choose to believe those excuses.

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Steps to climb out of depression

Self-Help for Depression

Published 09 August, 2010 | Depression Treatment

Feeling depressed is horrible. Depression saps motivation, energy, sociability, optimism, and peace of mind. And what does it replace these things with? Despair, anxiety, regret, 'restless sleep', loss of confidence, hopelessness, and exhaustion. Find out what you can do about it, now.

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Is there life after divorce?

Getting Over Divorce

Published 04 August, 2010 | Relationship Advice

Divorce, whether it was something you wanted or not, can leave you feeling sad, even hopeless. Guilt, anger, resentment, bitterness, a sense of betrayal, feelings of hatred even, all cloud your brain as you try to continue life as 'normal'. But within every change lies opportunity.

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Will your will get you up that mountain?

Do You Have No Willpower?

Published 20 July, 2010 | Personal Productivity

I'm sure you've had times when your intentions were good, when you really believed what you wanted to do was positive and for the best...but somehow the actual doing of the exercise, focusing on that project, sticking to that diet, or building that business didn't really materialize. Willpower matters because it helps make the possible real.

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