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Who are you blaming?

Stop Blaming Other People (and why it will help you)

Published 19 October, 2010 | Confidence and Self Esteem

Basil just couldn't bring himself to admit liability. We've all known people like this. It's never their fault, is it? It's their parents' or children's or bunny rabbit's fault. It's their star sign or the cat next door or you! "You made me do that!"

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A creative beach activity!

How to Increase Your Creativity

Published 23 September, 2010 | Personal Productivity

"Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them." (Albert Einstein) True creativity is fresh, new, and unexpected. And it can be shocking.

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How much wine is too much?

How to Stop Drinking Wine Every Day

Published 30 August, 2010 | Bad Habits

I'm all for people living their lives how they choose. And I love wine; but, as we all know, more is most definitely not better, not in the long- or even short-term. It's easy to kid ourselves we're not drinking too much wine, to pretend it's harmless. But millions of people have let an innocent nightly tipple turn into a mortally threatening compulsion.

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Clear a break in those moody clouds

How to Improve Your Mood

Published 23 August, 2010 | Stress Reduction

Chronic moodiness can be a symptom of prolonged stress (in which case dealing with the stress should make you less moody), and blood sugar imbalance or hormonal fluctuations can also affect mood. But it's also true to say that moodiness can become a way of life, a habit. And whatever the cause of our moodiness, we can all get better at managing our emotions.

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Take the leap!

Overcome Fear of Failure

Published 16 August, 2010 | Overcoming Fears

Fear of failure is closely linked to fear of rejection and criticism from others, as well as to procrastination and excuse making. You can always create an excuse not to do anything, no matter how potentially valuable and rewarding. It's just whether you choose to believe those excuses.

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