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Being a victim may just be a habit

Overcome Victim Mentality

Published 08 April, 2010 | Thinking Skills

When you are proactive and put plans into action, you may find you don't always have to wait for the 'cage door' to open. You may just find you can force it open yourself.

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Sibling rivalry begins...

All About Sibling Rivalry

Published 06 April, 2010 | Relationship Advice

Sibling rivalry can be complex. You might love your sibling but resent them. What's more, the intensity of your resentment can leave you baffled: "I'm an adult now; why does it still hurt so much?!"

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Massive over-reliance on antidepressants?

The Antidepressant Industry's Dirty Little Secret

Published 28 March, 2010 | Depression Treatment

I am not anti-medication, per se. But I am against medication that isn't really medication at all. It wouldn't matter so much that antidepressants are basically active placebos if the side effects weren't so potentially nasty and dangerous.

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Are you shy when naked?

Are You Shy When Naked?

Published 22 March, 2010 | Confidence and Self Esteem

Our bodies are an important part of who we are. It's not that we have to shove nudity in people's faces (unless we're lap dancers) to show how wonderfully un-uptight we are. However, life becomes a little easier and more enjoyable when we can relax about nakedness when it does happen.

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Are you being too nice for your own good?

Are You Too Nice?

Published 18 March, 2010 | Communication Skills

Let's face it: Lois Lane just didn't fancy Clark Kent, did she? But why not? He was good-looking, gentle, kind, thoughtful, sensibly dressed...

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