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D'oh! That wasn't perfect!

How to Overcome Perfectionism in Everyday Ways

Published 01 June, 2011 | Thinking Skills

If you really are a perfectionist, you've probably already found it troublesome; possibly even a deal-breaker in some instances - a royal road to disappointment and anguish, not to mention impaired relationships.

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Are you strangling the life out of your relationship?

7 Common Relationship Mistakes

Published 27 May, 2011 | Relationship Advice

Many people want a main relationship in their life. But for some people, it's harder for new relationships to 'take', to grow and thrive.

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Self-sabotage comes in many forms

How to Stop Self-Sabotage Behaviour

Published 10 May, 2011 | Personal Productivity

People seldom mean to sabotage themselves. It's not generally a conscious decision to spoil things - and that's a problem. We can be left with the feeling: "Why did I do that?!" Many of our emotional drivers remain unconscious, which is why chronic self-saboteurs will often use conscious justification (or what seem like excuses) to explain their actions.

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Fear of Commitment?

Do You Have a Fear of Commitment?

Published 28 March, 2011 | Relationship Advice

'Fear of commitment' is a well-known phrase. We hear it in the media, as well as use it to describe ourselves or other people who seem chronically unable to decide whether to commit properly to a relationship. Fear of commitment might range from a little uncertainty about your relationship to an absolute terror of 'settling down'.

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Perfection. But for whom?

Lose Weight/Gain Weight - What's Your Perfect Body?

Published 19 March, 2011 | Weight Loss Help

Whether male or female, it seems our modern Holy Grail is the ideal body. We're all encouraged to idealize physical perfection and to make our own bodies as near to ideal as possible. Of course, the 'perfect body' is perceived as different for both men and women.

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